Republika Srpska: New TPP “Ugljevik III “, The positive impact on energy balances of the region

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The main thermal power potential of Republika Srpska is based on reserves of brown coal and lignite. Works on the coal excavation in the municipality of Ugljevik began in 1899th. Existing TPP “Ugljevik” is the power plant of unit type with installed capacity of 300 MW, put into regular operation in November 1985th. Due to an interruption of electricity production during the war its average benefit was significantly reduced. In the meantime, it was given up from the building of TPP “Ugljevik II”, due to the unresolved relations with Slovenia Power Utility Company.

The main objective of the electrical energy sector is to provide the continuity and quality of electricity supply to all customers in Republika Srpska, and that is at reasonable costs and in accordance with the principles of environmental protection. Therefore, the proposed construction of new TPP “Ugljevik III”, with installed capacity of 2 times for 300 MW, which relies on a new balance coal reserves. The realization of this project will have a positive effect on the economy of Republika Srpska, especially for region of Ugljevik, community development, increasing the number of jobs … Investor will engage local companies in the works, will give scholarships, and then employ a number of professional staff, but also to provide assistance to socially vulnerable groups. During the period of construction and the operation period will be no significant environmental impact, as it will apply current regulations of Republika Srpska and standards of European Union on this field. Modern technologies that require maximum utilization and efficiency will be applied. By installing equipment for diagnosis according the situation as it is possible to extend the operation of thermal power units without stopping due to regular annual overhaul.

Source; Serbia Energy See Desk