Republika Srpska: Participation of Republic of Srpska in the project “Middle Drina” depending on the agreement between Serbia and Italy

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The President of the Republic of Srpska Milorad Dodik said that the manner of participation of Srpska in the “Middle Drina” depends on the agreement of the Government of Serbia with the representatives of Italy.

Dodik said that Serbia is negotiating on the project “Middle Drina” with Italy, where Srpska is honored by opportunity to be integrated into the project.

After meeting with the First Vice President of the Government of Serbia in Belgrade, Aleksandar Vucic, Dodik said that the river Drina is not only energy capacity, but also a tourist capacity.

Speaking on the payment of compensation for flooded land in the municipalities along the river Drina in Srpska and Serbian, Dodik said that they are looking for a modality how to resolve the issue.

He recalled that they talked about it at the last joint session of the Serbian government and Srpska, adding that the main problem is that legislation of Serbia seeks one type of compensation, while in BiH that legislation does not exist and it has not yet been agreed.

Dodik said that, however, the good will of Vucic is a guarantee that the issue will be resolved.

Source; Serbia Energy See Desk

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