Republika Srpska: Preparations for the construction of HPP “Bocac 2” , report

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Developmental plans of the Company “HPPs on Vrbas” in Mrkonjic grad will primarily refer to hydro power use of Vrbas River’s basin, downstream from HPP “Bocac”, in the near future.

Observing options of hydro power use of Vrbas’s basin which belongs to Republika Srpska, it was concluded that unused technical potential amounts 1118,1 GWH. All previous researches and processed project documentation indicate attractiveness of construction of HPP facilities, especially in mid part of Vrbas’s basin.

Future HPPs

The study of hydro power use of mid stream of Vrbas River done by Institut for water system “Jarosav Cerni” from Belgrade showed that energy object on Vrbas mid stream are the most significant energy projects from the aspect of possible production. Several plants with large annual production are possible to be constructed here and these are HPP “Bocac 2”, HPP “Krupa” 228, HPP “Krupa” 218, HPP “Krupa” 214, HPP “Grbici” 204, HPP “Banjaluka” 204, HPP “Karanovac” and HPP “Novoselija” 172,5 and 174,6. Hydrological, hydraulic, energy and techno-economy analysis, with special review to HPP construction influence, were done for every individual hydro power plant.

HPP Bocac 2

The two most attractive planed plants in energy-economy sense and on the base of complex analysis are at part of river upstream from Krupa. They have 9,34 W of installed power and 47 GWH of annual production and HPP “Krupa” 218 has 14,7 W of installed power and 78 GWH of annual production.

Medium annual production for circulating and variable work in this system would amount 125,7 GWH i.e. 111,1 GWH for variable work.

The project HPP “Bocac 2” is individually most affordable and performable investment that there are no important dilemmas so its realization is recommended to be as fast as possible.

Technical solution for construction of HPP “Bocac 2” planned dam plant to be constructed on existing asphalt dam of compensation basin. This would use available fall formed with construction of this asphalt dam.

HPP “Bocac” practically doesn’t have negative influences in sense of migration needs. It doesn’t influence microclimate, water quality or flora and fauna and it is excellent candidate for the first phase of hydro power system organization.

In this sense, it potentially represents successfully and exemplary done object which can make conditions for similar approach to construction of other planned projects with respect to all ecological criterions and standards. We should emphasize that construction of HPP “Bocac 2” and all other HPPs on Vrbas present developmental project which has positive economy effects from several additional aspects.

Influence of investments on local government, development and employment

Significant engagement of local construction operative is expected in the phase of HPP construction, as well as following industries of construction material, metal industries, food processing industry, and similar. Not many workers will be employed on system maintenance business. Then, the end of hydro power system construction will make profit for municipalities from so called resources rent fee as a part of compensation for water consumption.

Rafting tracks, where famous recreation program has developed in last couple of years, are downstream from HPP “Bocac 2”. We should not expect negative influence of construction from this point of view. In other words, HPP would not influence water regime downstream, on contrary there is a possibility of stream regulation which is needed for manifestation planning or because of the need to improve safety of participants.

Realization of HPP “Bocac 2” on this part of Vrbas’s stream would influence increase of economy activities in this area.

Other announced investments

Reconstruction of generator protection, turbine’s electronic regulation, the system of constant supply, impulse system and generators’ switches of 110 KV on both aggregates are among most significant investments related to equipment modernization in the Company “Hidroelektrane na Vrbasu”. Replacement of “SCADA” system, replacement and modernization of cold water from both aggregates and reconstruction of 110 KV facilities will be done in future period.

No less attention is paid to reconstruction and modernization of HPP Bocac’s osculated system. The huge number of instruments for automatic and telemetric reading of measuring sizes for the purpose of good quality estimation of condition and dam behavior forecast. Meteorological station was reconstructed also and improvement of system for seismological observation. The procession of information system of technical dam’s observation is also planned.

The most meaningful investment in the progress is the construction of additional evacuator of big water from HPP Bocac.

Source;Serbia Energy SEE desk/ERS