Republika Srpska: South Stream connection and pipeline may bring gas power gen facilities

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Executive Director of the Company “Gas-Res” from Republika Srpska, Slobodan Puhalac expects that questions related to Republika Srpska’s sector of South Stream will be resolved like it was done in Serbia.

“Track of the future pipeline will be determined by the company which is going to be formed. This firm will be the carrier of study creating. We expect that pipeline construction dilemma to be resolved same as it was in the Serbian study”, Puhalac said and confirmed that part of future pipeline will go along Banjaluka-Doboj highway.

He confirmed that construction of this South Stream sector through Republika Srpska and BiH will require three years of preparing activities at least while performing part will last three to five years.

Puhalac stressed that it has to do with one of the biggest energy projects useful for BiH and entities so he emphasized that part of activities related to pipeline construction will be resolved in Sarajevo.

“This represents a remarkable project for the next 30-40 years. After the agreement with the Ministers’ Council will basic agreement about gas delivery be made, road map determined and joint company formed”, Puhalac said.

He stressed that this company will be formed according to similar companies like “Juzni Tok Srbija”.

“Serbia involved in this activity in 2008 and it practically finished South Stream’s Law adoption”, Puhalac said and added that similar law will be suggested her also.

He underlined that proposal of Russian side is to construct gas centrals that will produce electricity from gas, next to gas facilities for household and heating energy which occurs as byproduct will be also be able to be used.

“Ideal location for these objects is in Banjaluka, Prijedor, or somewhere in Posavina”, Puhalac said.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk/Agencies

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