Republika Srpska: TPP Ugljevik produces 1/3 of country electricity, FGD project 125MEUR with Japanese loan

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The company Mine and power plants (MTPP) “Ugljevik” is the backbone of the economy of the Republic of Srpska, because it produces one third of the electricity in Serbian and in recent years the level of production is growing, said Executive Director for Technical Issues Dragan Miljanovic.

He pointed out that in this electrical energy giant last year ended with record production when it comes to producing electricity, and coal production.

Miljanovic recalled that the company has invested 135 million KM in the reconstruction of the boiler, replacement of electrical plants, mining equipment, and the like in the last four years, and this year, automation of power plant block is done too.

Miljanovic reminded that the work of automation was done in a record time of 60 days, which none of power plants in the region has succeeded to do.

For the next year Miljanovic announced the project of construction of the plant for desulphurization worth 250 million KM, which should be completed by 2015, for which the Japanese government has approved a loan, and the reconstruction of electrostatic precipitators worth 20 million KM, which will MTPP finance from its own funds.

Miljanovic noted that this year, as of today’s date, MTPP produced 101.4% of the planned production for this year, adding that the company is profitable, despite major investments this year and a little longer overhaul.

Last year MTPP produced a record 1,876 gigawatt-hours, and this year production of 1,620 gigawatt hours of electricity is expected.

– This is less than last year, but I must say that this year we had a repair of 60 days, and last year he finished it in 35 days – said Miljanovic.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk

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