Republika Srpska Ugljevik TPP record electricity production in 2012, new investments in FGD and energy efficiency projects

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The mine and power plant “Ugljevik” with 1,837,054 megawatt-hours of produced electricity in 2012 exceeded the production from the previous year and achieved record annual production of electricity for 27 years of work.

Thermal power plant Ugljevik was Republic of Srpska electricity system’s pile of safety with 35% participation in total electricity production, said Company Information Service.

The participation reached 52% with 179, 96 gigawatt-hours of electricity in September last year.

In 2012 mine ”Ugljevik” has been produced 2,027,415 tons of coal and 9,937,936 cubic meters of solid overburden, what exceeded the annual mine production plan, in Ugljevik.

Executive Director for Technical Issues Milutin Tasovac points out that so good production results are due to investments from previous years.

“Every investment has shown adequacy with accomplished electricity, coal and overburden production results, especially technical efficiency of facilities”, stressed Tasovac.

According to Tasovac ”Ugljevik” plans to invest additional money to ensure stability and reliability of the block, supplying of the thermal power plant with coal as well as fulfilling of the environmental standards that are necessary for a healthy environment.

Tasovac distinguished investment in facility for desulphurization and reconstruction of electro-filters which will increase smoke gas emission below 50mg of pollutants per cubic meter, what represent European standard.

Normative block researches have shown that its energy using degree is 34%, what is 2% above the projected one, was stated in mine and TE “Ugljevik”.

Good results are consequence of well projected and realized investments supported by “Elektroprivreda”, Department Ministry and Government of Srpska, said Director Anto Gajic when he was estimating the work of company in last year.

“We have responsibility to work on further production’s rationalization and preservation of good production, business and trade perspectives of the company in the following period”.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine