Waste to energy investment in Serbia, Italian Kremona inovacione leads the way

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10 million Euros will be invested in building of energy plants from waste by Italian consortium and “Kremona inovacione” and domestic “Ezo grupa”. 5000 people are expected to be included in the work. Italian consortium “Kremona inovacione” and domestic “Ezo grupa” will invest 10 million Euros in energy plants from waste, about 100km from Belgrade. Strategy partners announced the beginning of the work on spring next year, and 5.000 people are expected to be included. In Serbia 8% of trash is processed, while in EU percentage is 5 times bigger.

It is possible to produce 3, 5 thousand tons of diesel and other energy sources from 10.000 tons of dumped sawdust and hard plastic from car industry.

Executive Director of “Kremona inovacione” Masimilijano Malicijo believes that Serbia is country with significant possibilities for development and because of that it should have adequate support in technological and business sense.

“We estimated that you are the real partner for us. The new technology protects environment and employs new workforce”, said Malicio.

Location and final look of facilities are business secret at the moment.

More than 80% of waste can be used to get energy, says Director of “Ezo grupa” Dragan Stankovic.
For example, energy for three-month heating of one 60 square meters’ apartment gets from one ton of waste processing, explains Stankovic.

Not much space is needed for making energy from waste. Collection, transport and processing should be done by 5.000 of people.
Predrag Jovanic from Institute of Multidisciplinary Research says that “double cheaper fuels for industry, agriculture, households can be gotten by using materials everyone has thrown in garbage so far. That will certainly contribute to sustainable development of region this technology applies”.

We give a lot of money on storage and export of waste. The plan is to make fifth part of it in energy.
Deputy Minister of Energy Hranislav Stojkovic says that Serbia is working on improvement of investors’ conditions thorough the law. Investors should participate in waste processing, recycling and using. They will do anything to make these financial conditions more advantageous.

Biofuel gas, alternative fuel for cement plants, will be produced by using this new technology.
Big part of effluents undergoes purification and goes back in production process in this technology process.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine