Republika Srpska: Uncertain future on Russian Komsar Energy TPP Ugljevik 3 investments, workers union against the concession for coal exploration

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Syndicate of the mine and TPP “Ugljevik” and the Company “Comsar Energy Republika Srpska” are fighting for the new pit “Ugljevik-Istok”. Workers of the mine and TPP believe that they have more rights to use this energy reservoirs and they claim that “Comsar Energy” noticed existing pit because there is not enough coal on locations they had got or its excavation may be uneconomical.

-Therefore they want our pit “Ugljevik-Istok”, which we asked for in 2008. Coal reservoirs on this coal pit are about 55 million tons which is enough for undisturbed work in the next 30 years at least- it is stressed in the syndicate.

President of Syndicate Ugljevik, Zoran Micanovic asked them why they want “Ugljevik-Istok” when they have already gotten concessions on the research in the area of Peljav, Detlic, Tobotu and Banjak.

Chief of RS Representative Office in Moscow, Dusko Perovic, believes that protest of workers is not a good message to foreign investors. He stresses that Russian investor has equal rights to apply for issuing the disputable pit.

-If Gasprom, for example, finds oil here and the syndicate shows up and say- no, we don’t give that, which role the state play then. State should determine who it will give concession to- Perovic says.

Representatives of RS Government emphasize that this story is politically colored. Syndicate denies that and believes that the government of RS minimized significance of 1.900 workers of the mine and TPP Ugljevik and citizens from this municipality which is rightfully afraid for its future.

It is said in “Comsar Energy” that fears are unjustified and 800 new working places will be provided with the entrance of Russian capital and the construction of TPP “Ugljevik 3”.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk/Agencies