Republika Srpska/Bosnia exclusive report: Exports of electricity from BiH decreased by 19 million euros

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The exports of electricity from BiH in the first three months fell to 27.5%, which has the monetary value of 19.4 million euros less than the same period last year, according to data from the Agency for Statistics of BiH. More precisely, in the first quarter of last year, when the hydrological conditions were extremely favorable, BiH exported electricity in the amount of 71 million euros, while at the same time this year that figure stood at 51.5 million euros.

Otherwise, it is important to note that the official statistics has recorded that in 2013, the exports and electricity records have been achieved to around 241 million euros, as well.

“In the first three months of this year, the lower export’s balance has been marked due to lack of snow and relatively low rainfall, which resulted in lower production in-river hydropower plants in relation to the planned value (HPP Visegrad 63 percent and HPP Bocac 80 percent less),” they say in the “Electric Power Industry of RS”.

Such hydrological situation has resulted in less market surplus in relation to the plan as well as  in comparison with the last year.

In the first quarter of this year, the ERS placed 452.966.594 kilowatt-hours of electricity in the market freely, which is 43% less compared to the first quarter last year. On this ground, the revenue for the first quarter of this year amounted 18 million euros, which is 49%  less compared to the same period last year.

However, favorable hydrological conditions will surely have an impact on the increase in production volume of HPP Visegrad and Bocac, which are currently operating at maximum capacity, so that, it will ultimately improve the percentage of the total production of the two hydropower plants, the ERS announces.

They are sure that by the end of the year, they will realize the amount of production in accordance with the plan, because for its realization the crucial is the last quarter, when it is expected significant production in hydro power plants, they point out from the ERS.

Igor Gavran, an expert of the Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina, said that BiH owed the biggest part of the overall positive industrial, and export trends to its electricity production.

“If an increase in the production of electricity happens through the construction of several new hydropower plants, the foreign trade deficit of the country could be completely annulled,” Gavran said.

He said that, unfortunately, in BiH there were little manufacturing capacities which the current favorable domestic energy could turn into much more valuable products.

“However, in the current situation, it is good that a large amount of domestic electricity production is being offered at a good price to the domestic industry,” Gavran said.

A trend of decline in imports has been recorded.

In the first quarter of this year, BiH imported electricity in the amount of 10.6 million euros, which is 25.8% less than the same period last year when it imported 14.3 million euros,  according to the data of the Agency for Statistics of BiH.

The electricity in BiH mainly imports “Electric Power Utility HZHB,” which is a supplier of  Mostar’s  “Aluminum”.

Source; Serbia Energy See Desk