Bosnia: TSO “Elektroprenos BiH”, published tenders for 8MEUR procurement of grid equipment

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The federal TSO state company “Elektroprenos BiH” announced the first five tenders for the procurement of equipment for the electricity network in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The tenders are published having a total value of more than 8 million euros, according to the public announcements on the website of the company, since from April 14th.

After several years of state-owned company’s blocked operations, which was a reason to be accumulated in accounts more than 153 million euros funds allocated for investments, the “Elektroprenos BiH” with the new management has started functioning on.

The procurement of a significant quantity of equipment is published, switches, transformers, and other, that will be built in the revitalization of the electric power network, as expected. According to published tenders, domestic companies that sign up will also have preferential treatment in accordance with applicable regulations.

Along the tenders for the procurement of equipment, “Elektroprenos BiH” announced and several competitions for employment of workers with experience and trainees. On the ground of 10 competitions in Banja Luka, Mostar, Sarajevo and Tuzla; totally, will be hired 94 new employees. Of these, 52 trainees and 42 for an indefinite period. We are looking for engineers, lawyers, economists, installers, construction technician, locksmiths, etc..

Source; Serbia Energy See Desk