Republika Srpska:Record quarterly loss of TPP&Mine Co Gacko

, SEE Energy News

The mine and thermal power plant Gacko, ended this year’s third quarter with record losses which exceeded 12 MEUR.

According to a nine-month financial report, RITE Gacko achieved loss of 12 MEUR, which is almost four times more than in the same period last year, when their losses amounted to 3.2 MEUR.

At the same time, total liabilities of RITE Gacko increased by nearly10 MEUR, at 41,7 MEUR, most of this amount is related to short-term liabilities (24 MEUR).

Revenue of RITE Gacko have fallen from 42 to 37,2 MEUR, while expenses increased by 3 MEUR to a total of 48, 3 MEUR.

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