REV’s Brodarevo HPPs on Lim river between Serbia and Montenegro, cross border influence has to be transparent

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River Lim interfered in relations between Montenegro and Serbia because of announced construction  of hydro power plants on Lim’s lower stream, and it could “ruffle” relations of these two countries.

Montenegrin Ministry of Foreign Affairs asked, over Serbian Embassy, for exchange of cross border projects information on HPP Brodarevo construction influences.

Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism had a similar reaction, it requested study of environmental influence and other documents related to the project from ESPOO representatives.

Brodarevo HPPs on Lim are an investment project of Canadian company REV, estimated value of investment is 145MEUR for 58MW output power.

“Notification of international consultations participation, in accordance with international agreement for intention of HPP’s construction realization, hasn’t been delivered to Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism yet. Study of Brodarevo 1 and 2 building influence’s estimation hasn’t been delivered either, says Milica Lekic, spokeswoman of Ministry.

They’re afraid that artificial lake will sink ground in length of 9km, what will endanger ecosystem. Some non-government organization reacted from both border sides because they believe that building of HPP on Lim will bring the survival of flora and fauna into question.

Canadian company REV is ready to invest 145million Euros in the project. Builders suppose to dig up a channel half a km long so a damn could be built in Lim’s mainstream. The company stated that more than 10 million Euros had been invested in the geological research, projects of “Energoproject” from Belgrade, and private land buyout.  Only three houses and one slaughterhouse suppose to move out from that land, and first electricity kilo-watts will begin to flow until the end of 2017.

Damns in Junakovina and Lucani should be 32 and 23 meters high- it was predicted by the project. Damns will be built over Brodarevo with total strength of 58 mega-watts (or 230 giga-watt hours per year). The investment would amount 140million Euros-it was estimated, and even 60.000 of households will be supplied with high-quality electricity what represent a half of Montenegro.

Projects for replacing two sections of 7,1km long highway Prijepolje-Bijelo Polje, building of two tunnels and river flow adjustment are ready-was estimated on the other side of the border.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine