Serbian TPP Kostolac coal production director promises for 2013, maximum engagement for bigger production of coal and electricity

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The following year will be a year of big challenges for miners from Kostolac. Plan of overburden is bigger for 2 million cubics than last year and balanced in 40 million Cubic quantity of solid mass. 9.750.000tons of coal’s production was planned and it is bigger for two million tons than production plan in 2012.

– When it comes to coal production, it is clear that we have available capacities for that level of production. We enter the 2013 with about 4million tons of found coal. We will find around 8million tons still, which gives 12million tons in sum.

We will have 2,5million tons of coal still, with accomplishing the 9,7million tons of the planned coal production at the end of 2013.

Blok B1’s revitalization is planned for 2014, so coal production will be lower and overburden will be in focus, so total amounts of “Drmno” Coal Steam’s reserves will be increased, says Veselin Bulatovic, Director of Coal Production Direction in Industrial Society TPP-KO “Kostolac”.

Plan for overburden is possible to be realized only with mining machinery time use increase.

– We are on desired level in capacitive sense, but our goal and intention is to accomplish time use of big mining system first of all, what represents around 5000 hours. With accomplished capacities and the time use we get into position that we are able to dig up 43 and 45million Cubic of solid mass what enables us adequate coal production for energy balance of “Kostolac” plants accomplishing. It is necessary to do everything in detail and on time, to come to desired level- it is necessary to revitalize mining mechanization and equipment, make necessary infrastructure objects, etc. We have a mission to produce 10million tons of coal next year, and I’ll remind that “Drmno” Coal Steam, for the projected capacity of 9million tons of coal yearly, is not finished yet. It is necessary to invest around 120 million Euros for valid document realization. Further research of coal steam “Drmno” will be worked with in the following year and realization of performing projects will be approached in order to get total and high-quality document. It has to be mentioned that vision of coal steam “Drmno” development exists in Direction. We know what we supposed to do, and we expect operative support, so we can accomplish vision of coal steam “Drmno” development and in order to get stable supply with existing thermal capacities in Kostolac and accomplishing of thermal and mining capacity in the period upon us, said Bulatovic.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine