Romania, A new big drop in the spot price of electricity – to 134 euros per MWh

, SEE Energy News

The spot price of electricity on the Romanian market continued to fall, following the trend of the previous few days. Thus, the price of electricity for delivery on Sunday, September 18, fell to 134 euros per MWh.

The closing price of the day-ahead market (DAM) in Bucharest, according to market operator OPCOM, was lowered on Sunday to 134.8 euros per MWh. Such a low price has not been seen on the Romanian market for a long time. That is almost 50% less compared to Saturday (260.8 euros per MWh) and almost three times less compared to Friday (364.5 euros per MWh).

In addition to the fact that it is a week, when as a rule low consumption is recorded, the possible reason for this drop is the forecasted constant wind speed. Namely, it was forecast that wind turbines will produce on Sunday with an average power of about 1,600 MW, that is, with about 54% of capacity, while the expected capacity factor of solar power plants was 10%.

The Romanian spot price on Sunday was identical to the price in Bulgaria and slightly above the Hungarian price (132 euros per MWh).

In a number of markets in Europe, spot prices on Sunday were also quite low compared to the previous few months.

Thus, in Germany, the spot price fell to 83 euros per MWh. Most European markets were below €150 per MWh. The most expensive market was Greece with 298 euros per MWh.


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