Romania: Additional aid for coalmines closure

, SEE Energy News

Last year, the Government provided 22.5 million euros for the purpose of coalmines closure. The closure plan provided for the cessation of production activity at the Lonea and Lupeni mines to take place at the end of 2018, but the deadline was extended until the end of 2020 for Lonea and until July 2021 for Lupeni mine.

The Romanian Government will provide additional 20 million euros of state aid to insolvent coal-based electricity producer Energy Complex (EC) Hunedoara, which will be used to finance the closure of two coalmines – Lonea and Lupeni.

Out of 20 million euros, some 2.5 million will be used to cover severance pays for redundant miners and their professional conversion, while the remainder of the sum will be spent for mine closure, rehabilitation and recultivation of the locations.