Romania, ANRE covering the period between 1 July 2020 and 30 June 2021

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According to data published by Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE), covering the period between 1 July 2020 and 30 June 2021, Hidroelectrica received the largest fines from the regulator, while Enel is the company on whose behalf most complaints were filed.

During the mentioned period, the regulator received a total of 11,256 complaints, out of which 8,053 in the electricity sector and 3,203 in the natural gas sector.

Regarding electricity, 806 complaints were received on behalf of Hidroelectrica, as a result of which the company received 109 sanctions totaling 320,000 euros. Enel Energie Muntenia had 2,481 complaints on its behalf and received 132 fines amounting to 270,000 euros. Enel Energie generated 1,210 complaints and received 105 sanctions of 250,000 euros.

 Then follows Electrica Furnizare with 994 complaints, 48 fines worth 145,000 euros, E.ON Energie – 460 complaints, 28 fines worth 125,000 euros and CEZ Vanzare, with 239 complaints and 19 fines worth 55,000 euros.

The main aspects complained about were the way of energy billing, contracting, the procedure for changing the supplier, aspects related to connection and disconnection, as well as the relationship with customers.

In the gas market, E.ON Energie is the most fined company. ANRE received 231 complaints on its behalf and gave 42 fines amounting to 113,000 euros. Enel Energie Muntenia is the second, with 155 complaints and 19 fines worth 45,000 euros. Engie Romania follows, with 228 complaints and 11 fines worth 26,000 euros.

Consumers have complained on the gas market about the billing, the change of supplier, the price of gas, but also its quality.

ANRE states that it does not collect revenues from fines, these amounts being collected to the state budget.

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