Romania: ANRE sets new performance standards for supply

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Suppliers will pay compensation to end-users if they fail to meet the quality of service in accordance with the supply contract according to the provisions of new performance standards for supply, which was adopted by the regulatory agency.

According to this document, the supplier is required to provide unique service for the  communication with end-users, equipped for providing services specified in the supply license (contracting, payment collection, providing information, resolving claims, etc.), which is easily accessible and located at a distance of up to 50 kilometers from the consumption point of end-users who use universal services.

The key elements of the new standard are as follows:

– Quarterly assessment of performance indicators of power supply to end-users, households, small consumers and large consumers.

– Obligation of operators that are licensed to supply, but does not provide services to end-users, to publish a report on performance indicators on its website, under the terms of the document

– Obligation of backup supplier to pay compensation to household if it fails to meet the deadlines in the damage compensation process for electronic devices that are damaged as a result of voltage issues, as a mistake by network operator.

– Introducing annex containing necessary information, which the applicant must give to the supplier in order to prepare a bid for supply.

ANRE representatives estimate that the document will have a positive impact on the energy market as a whole, by increasing consumer protection, ensuring continuity of supply and promoting competition; on operators, in terms of their obligation to provide high quality of supply to customers in accordance with clearly defined, transparent and non-discriminatory conditions; and customers, through information on the quality of offered services, fees paid by suppliers if they do not comply with the guaranteed level of performance indicators and means of communication and information that are available to end-users by the supplier.

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