Romania, Azomures has decided to temporarily suspend its operations due to high natural gas prices

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Romanian largest artificial fertilizer producer Azomures said that it has decided to temporarily suspend its operations as of 23 June due to high natural gas prices.

The company decided to stop ammonia production, a process that uses significant amount of natural gas, but it will continue fertilizer production until current ammonia stock runs out.

The price of gas on European markets has seen sharp increase after Russian Gazprom reduced the supply of gas to Europe. The price has risen from 80 euros/MWh to 120-130 euros/MWh.

The company said that under current circumstances the production of fertilizers is no longer sustainable.

Previously, Azomures urged the Government to use the EU framework and cap the gas price for energy-intensive industries and warned that the farmers would be left without fertilizers when they need them later in the year.

In December 2021, Azomures decided to suspend its production during the winter season due to the rising energy prices. The company resumed fertilizer production in late April.

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