Romania, Country is interested in importing natural gas from Azerbaijan

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Romanian Minister of Energy Virgil Popescu said that the country is interested in importing natural gas from Azerbaijan, given the enhanced Strategic Energy Partnership between the two countries.

Minister Popescu said that the discussed concrete cooperation in the energy sector with his Azeri counterpart Parviz Shahbazov, and conveyed that Romania is interested in importing natural gas from Azerbaijan. He said that the Southern Corridor is a factor in strengthening European energy security and especially a long-awaited instrument for diversifying gas supplies, with Azerbaijan and Europe now connected by a direct, secure and reliable energy link.

During the meeting, the project to build a submarine cable for the transport of electricity under the Black Sea was also considered. Romania has been invited to be part of the working group being formed to start this very important project. Minister Shahbazov emphasized the importance of the project in expanding electricity export opportunities between the region and the European market, and highlighted Azerbaijan’s potential and plans for exporting “green energy”. The Azerbaijani Minister said that ongoing renewable energy projects and plans related to realizing the potential of offshore wind energy could make Azerbaijan an important partner in the export of electricity and hydrogen, which will be produced from “green energy” sources in cooperation with Europe.

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