Romania: Day-ahead market hourly price reached its absolute record

, SEE Energy News

The Romanian day-ahead market recorded the highest ever hourly price – 150 euros/MWh on 17 December. The average day-ahead peak price on the same day also registered a new record value – 142 euros/MWh. However, the base price was just 0.3 euros below the absolute maximum of 103.8 euros/MWh recorded on 31 January 2017. The previous records were reached at the beginning of 2017, during the extremely cold spell.

The founder of partner-i energy consultants Theodor Livinschi expressed hope that suppliers’ exposure in the day-ahead market is not significant and they will have contracted their electricity needs earlier, with premiums included in the supply prices to cover such risks. Although the share quantities traded in the day-ahead market in forecast consumption is decreasing, reaching 36.66 % last month, its value is still high for a adjusting market. However, the overall trend, which is reflected in the monthly averages of the day-ahead prices, is one of growth and even higher price differences are expected.