Romania, EC includes second stage of BRHA gas pipeline into PCI list

, SEE Energy News

Last week, the European Commission (EC) has approved the fifth list of Projects of Common Interest (PCI) in the field of trans-European energy infrastructure, a list that includes several projects in Romania, most notably the second phase of the BRHA (Bulgaria-Romania-Hungary- Austria) gas pipeline project.

In the natural gas sector, among the projects involving Romania and which are included on the fifth PCI list are: Depomures underground gas storage, Bilciuresti underground gas storage and the second phase of BRHA gas pipeline.

This second stage includes the expansion of transport capacity in Romania towards Hungary, ensuring the physical possibility of permanent bidirectional flow between Romania and Hungary, by building a compression station at Csanadpalota on the Hungarian side.

Several projects related to the transportation of natural gas from Black Bea to the main BRHA route are included as well: Tarmul Marii Negre (Black Sea Coast) – Podisor pipeline.

he list also includes projects for the construction of electricity interconnection between Romania and Serbia (Resita-Pancevo overhead transmission line), as well as overhead transmission line from HPP Iron Gates (Djerdap) to Resita, overhead transmission line between Resita and Timisoara and overhead transmission line between Arad and Timisoara.