Romania: Electrica to invest one billion euro into distribution networks modernization

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Electrica will invest around one billion euros for the modernization and upgrading electricity distribution networks in the period 2015-2018, announced Federenciuc Dumitru , Head of Service Development Strategy electricity networks within Electrica SA.

“The funds will be invested during 2015-2018 for electrical modernizing and upgrading the distribution networks,works are estimated at around one billion euros. One billion euro to all operators of distribution.Short-term strategy aims, among others, efficiency in order to reduce losses. Also, we will focus on the integration of wind and photovoltaic energy producers. In the medium term, we will focus on systems related to a smart grid, ie a distribution management system. Distributed energy must be delivered to the consumer in a timely and parameters. In addition, we consider managing renewable resources, the realization of virtual power plants ” , said Dumitru Federenciuc.

According to him, Electrica will focus its investments on areas where there are a large number of electricity outages.

“In areas where there are a high number of interruptions is an assessment and will invest money for modernizing infrastructure and improving quality by replacing components or completely change the old network. During our fall refueling performance standards, Romania has a good situation compared to neighboring countries. As the client is no longer captive to a single supplier, then that supplier can search which can provide a favorable bill, especially given the increased production from renewable sources in recent years ” , said Dumitru Federenciuc.

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