Bosnia: RWE plans to enter the electricity distribution market in the region

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German energy giant RWE plans to enter the market for electricity distribution in the region, said Managing Director of the Holding Slovenian power plants (HSE) Blaz Kosorok .

– RWE is already present, but now wants to enter the market in terms of distribution in order to reach the final consumers in the region – said Kosorok.

Kosorok spoke on mutual cooperationwith the Minister of Energy, Mining and Industry, Erdal Trhulj and director of “Electric Power Industry of BiH” Elvedin Grabovica last week in Sarajevo.

– We have a lot of experience in know-how in the mines and we can share that with others. We spoke with the minister what is the last opinion of “Electric Power Industry of BiH”, there are opportunities where we can work together – said Kosorok.

He expressed the hope that dispute on TPP “Ugljevik” would be soon resolved or debt of “Electric Power Industry of RS” to HSE.

– The process started in May and we are now at the stage of proposing arbitrators. At the same time, there is another ad hoc arbitration proceeding with TPP “Ugljevik”.Inthis case HSE claims around 750 million eurosfrom ERS. There is an opportunity to get some smart decision. For example, BiH has received judgment for Ljubljana BankinStrasbourg; it could somehowmutuallyresolvetwo modern states. It should be openly said we damaged something, you something, we need to find a common path, such open items for two states are right – said Kosorok.

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