Romania: Electricity for commercial consumers who remain without supplier will be affected by day-ahead market

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The price of energy for commercial consumers who remain without a supplier will take into account the quotations on the day-ahead market of the OPCOM energy exchange, according to an order of the National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE) regarding the designation of the suppliers of last resort. The status of supplier of last resort entitles the respective electricity supplier, for any network area, to provide universal service to residential and commercial customers receiving universal service. The designated suppliers of last resort have the obligation to publish, in the dedicated section on their website, the prices applied for the supply of electricity in the last resort/universal service regime, for each grid area.

The price applied to the customers receiving universal service is established by each provider of last resort, on competitive criteria, taking into account that it should be reasonable, competitive, easily comparable, transparent and non-discriminatory.

ANRE will designate, at national level, a number of at least five suppliers of last resort of electricity, either at the request of designation sent by a supplier, or by organizing a selection process, if in following the designation requests received from the electricity suppliers, the number of designated suppliers of last resort is less than five.