Romania: Electricity network investments in Suceava County

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In order to replace classic/non-insulated low voltage conductors in the electricity network with insulated ones, in 8 localities in the Suceava County, Electricity and natural gas distributor Delgaz Grid, a part of German E.ON, made an investment of some 4 million euros.

The works carried out within these investments will contribute to the significant reduction of the time and duration of power supply interruptions in case of breakdowns in the electricity distribution system. In the end, 51 kilometers of overhead transmission lines will be modernized, 2,000 connections will be replaced and a new low voltage network will be built, in a length of 12.3 kilometers.

This year, Delgaz Grid budgeted investments of 126 million euros, a priority for the modernization and expansion of natural gas and electricity distribution networks. The budget allocated to investments is 11 % higher than in the previous year, being also the largest in the last 16 years, since E.ON entered the Romanian energy market.