Romania, Government urges General Prosecutor to investigate high energy prices in the market

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Romanian Minister of Justice Catalin Predoiu sent an address to the General Prosecutor Gabriela Scutea, in which he urges the Prosecutor to take the necessary measures according to the legal competence to discover, prevent and effectively combat any type of criminal activity carried out in the context of the energy crisis and the associated phenomenon of increasing energy bills, such as fraud, abuse of office, unfair competition, organized criminal group.

The action takes place in the context in which the energy and natural gas market has been affected for almost a year by record price increases, which has generated historic bills and the closure of some major industrial consumers.

At the same time, Minister of Energy Virgil Popescu accused electricity suppliers of having secret agreements between them. He did not
mention any particular names nor did he provide any evidence to support his claims, but he said that he has already discussed this matter with the head of the Competition Council, which is expected to launch an official investigation about a possible price cartel between the suppliers.