Romania: Hidroelectrica forced to sell electricity below market prices

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Hidroelectrica has completed a new power exchange transaction at a price much lower than market. The company must sell even at low prices, because, especially on the Danube which is endangering troubled Iron Gates HPP.

Hidroelectrica sold on Thursday 43.680 MWh band at a price of 31.19 eur / MWh. Price was 15% lower than earlier market price.

The buyer was Elsaco Energy trader, the delivery period is April 1, 2016 – 30th of June 2016 and the agreement has a value of 1.3 MEUR.

Only a week ago, Hidroelectrica sold energy to 32.31 eur / MWh to RCS & RDS energy trader, under a very low price compared OPCOM stock market prices which were between 35.90 and 38.15 eur / MWh.

The price of the contract that was concluded between Hidroelectrica and Elsaco is very close to the price of regulated market, which is 30.29 eur / MWh.

For conventional electricity producers going below 33.66 eur/mwh is going below the bottom line price. Production costs of Hidroelectrica is 24.69/mwh. According to Hidroelectrica during the floods and high inflows of water in damaged HPPs all electricity has to be sold

On the regulated market, the energy comes from two sources hydro and nuclear. Hidroelectrica has been ordered for 2016 delivery of the quantity of 2.7 TWh to 26.94 eur/ MWh, and Nuclearelectrica delivery of 1.5 TWh to 36.35 eur / MWh, transmits

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