Albania: KESH Energy Corporation resumes February-march electricity exports due to favorable hydrological situation

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The Albanian Electro Energetic Corporation KESH has reported a positive performance due to the favorable hydrological situation in the past months.The corporation has announced that it is currently selling electrical energy at an average price of 21.7 eur/mwh. In a tender process held during the last week of February 2016, the Albanian Electro Energetic Corporation sold 79, 200 mwh for the period of March 1st – March 10th, at an estimated value of 1.7 million Euro.

11 contracting companies applied in the tender process organized by the corporation but only 5 of them were announced as winners in the second phase. Network for Trading bought electrical energy for the highest price per mwh, 23.17 eur per mwh, while EFT Albania bought electrical energy for the lowest price, 19.20 eur per mwh.

This shows the increase of the amount of electrical energy produced by the Albanian Electro Energetic Corporation which in a short time has transformed from an electrical energy buyer into an electrical energy supplier.

Albanian Power Corporation (KESH) continued electricity exports this month. Official sources have announced that KESH has contracted 5 companies for export of 77,800 MW worth $ 1.7 million. This is the third tender organized this year which will provide 4 million income only for the months of February and March.

The average price of electricity sold in the last tender was 21.1 euros to 77,800 MW / h, while the price of the stock of Hungary that deals reference from KESH yesterday was 28.33 euros per megawatt basis and 33.4 euro prices to peak prices. According to KESH, energy was sold 25% cheaper than the base price of HUPX.

But experts at the company suggest that KESH sells excess energy in band, which cost much cheaper than peak prices and core prices. KESH official announcement on the matter clarified that the Commission of Electricity Sales developed procedure for sale of electricity which includes production and trading companies to participate.

After submitting bids by bidders, sales commission of KESH administered and evaluated bids submitted by them. Companies which had expressed interest – GEN-I Tirana Ltd, GEN-I doo Beograd, GEN-I doo, EFT AL, AL Energy Future, GSA Danske Commodities Albania, Petrol doo, doo EZPADA, Trade and Energy NOA Network for Trading, transmits