Romania, Hidroelectrica has concluded an electricity supply contract with Energocom

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Romanian electricity producer Hidroelectrica has concluded an electricity supply contract with Moldovan trader Energocom, which envisages the supply of 100 MW of electricity.

The supply of electricity to Moldova started on 13 October. However, the duration of the signed contract has not been disclosed.

Earlier this month, the Government included Moldovan traders among the buyers entitled to pay a capped price of 90 euros/MWh under long- term contracts under the emergency ordinance regulating the revised “cap and subsidy” system. Thus, Energocom is able to avoid buying electricity on expensive spot market in Romania.

Ukraine used to deliver some 30 % of Moldova’s electricity in recent months, but the supplies were stopped after Russia’s missiles hit critical energy infrastructure earlier this week.

At a rate of 100 MW (which is the capacity of the interconnector between Romania and Moldova), Romania can deliver some 72 GWh of electricity per month to Moldova, which represents 21 % of the electricity consumed in Moldova last October and 25 % of electricity Moldova imported last October.