Romania: Hidroelectrica prepares to enter the stock exchange in the first half of 2015th

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The largest company for the electricity production in Romania, Hidroelectrica might come out on the stock exchange in the second half of 2015th, after it had to postpone its (IPO) scheduled for June 2014th due to the return of the bankruptcy. Another offer that will be found in the stock exchange in mid-next year will be energy complex Oltenia.

The initial public offer for suppliers and distributors, Electrica, which has been held this year, raised the price to 444 MEUR from the sale of 51 percent stake on the capital market. It was the largest IPO in the history of the Romanian Stock Exchange. Other companies in the energy sector, such as Nuclearelectrica and Romgaz came out on the stock exchange in 2013th.

Hidroelectrica recorded insolvency again in February 2014th, after several electricity retailers appealed to the Appellate Court in Bucharest. Administrator Remus Borza told Reuters that Hidroelectrica would become liquid during May or June 2015th, and get out on the stock exchange in the second half of 2015th.

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