Romania: Hidroelectrica sells 33,000 megawatt-hours of electricity

, SEE Energy News

After breaking the ice on the new trading platform PCCB-LE two days ago, Hidreoelctrica announced a tender for sale of 33,600 megawatt-hours of electricity. The sale can be partial, and the delivery is scheduled for January, with a starting price of 42 Euros per megawatt-hour. The auction will be held on January 20th.

PCCB-LE platform which is being managed by OPCOM, requires extended form of auctions, which does not allow price contracting and variable quantity.

Hidroelectrica put on sale 65,520 megawatt-hours for the second quarter of this year with a starting price of 34 Euros per megawatt-hour. Purchase can be partial, and auction will be held on January 19th.
OPCOM explained in yesterday’s statement that, due to the introduction of new trading rules, the participants in the PCCB market, who had the trading right on December 31 2014, are conditioned for trading on the PCCB LE platform, exclusively by signing of a new agreement and paying the regulated tariff.

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