Serbia: Power utility EPS published tender for TPP TENT unit A4 308MW; Feasibility study with reconstruction project for extension of operational life and increase of power

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“The Feasibility study with the Conceptual reconstruction project in order to extend the operational life and increase the power of the block 4 (current power 308.5 MW) of TPP Nikola Tesla A”

The goal of drafting and the content of the project

The goal of drafting the concerned documentation is to provide a reliable basis for investment decision making, which means the definition of the content and effects of necessary works on the block, in order to extend its working life, increase the availability, power and energy efficiency of the block, with measures to reduce NO2 emissions.

Concerned documentation consists of:
(1) Conceptual project of life cycle extension and increase of block’s power with appliance of primary measures for reducing of NO2 emissions,
(2) Justification study which analyzes economic efficiency and justification of considered technical – technological solutions.

Feasibility & Justification Study and Conceptual project shall be made in accordance with the valid Law on Planning and Construction and the Book of Rules on the content and scope of previous works, previous justification study and justification study (Official Gazette of RS no. 1/2012)

Conceptual project consists of:
(1) Conceptual project of works on the caldron facility with appliance of primary measures for reduction of NO2 emission,
(2) Conceptual project of works on the turbo generator facility with belonging equipment;
(3) Conceptual project of electric power equipment.

The scope of works and assessment of investment in the plant would serve as a basis for economic analysis in the section – the state with and without the project.

The scope of works for the “state without project” involves the projection of the balance sheet and cash flow for block’s operation in the period that is defined by valid legal restrictions regarding the fulfillment of requirements of environmental protection (according to the agreed plan of EPS on the withdrawal of the thermal blocks from operation), alongside with respecting and quantification of the necessary volume of works that would ensure reliable operation of the block. In calculating the costs, we should also acknowledge the actual dynamics of implementation of environmental protection measures, provisioned by other contracts.

The scope of works for the “state with the project” implies the total scope of interventions aimed at increasing the power and extending of block’s working life, as well as costs of other measures that are necessary in order to achieve the objectives of the project, with the valorization of the effects of such measures.

Measures for compliance with the limitation of CO2 emissions (facility for reduction of CO2 emissions and the price of possible emissions’ trading) are not included in the Project.

Balance of difference means the difference between state with and state without the project, where only additional costs and additional effects of power increase, would be considered.

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