Romania: Hidroelectrica’s electricity generation reached almost 4,000 MW

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In the morning hours of 7 May, electricity producer Hidroelectrica generated almost 4,000 MW of electricity, which is a record amount for 2019, thus delivering about a half of total Romania‘s electricity generation at that moment.

On 7 May at 09:39, Hidroelectrica‘s generation reached 3,936 MW, which is the highest amount produced by hydropower plants so far in this year. At this moment, Romania‘s consumption stood at 7,720 MW, which means that Hidroelectrica alone covered over a half of country‘s demand.
Hidroelectrica‘s CEO Bogdan Badea said that the company covered 51 % of Romania‘s consumption due to regular maintenance of one unit at NPP Cernavoda and lower wind production. Due to favorable hydrology, Hidroelectrica has been covering some 45 % of Romania‘s demand in the past few days.

Due to heavy rain Romania‘s hydro generation soared in the past few days. Majority state-owned Hidroelectrica operates 208 hydro facilities with total installed capacity of 6,116 MW.

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