Romania: Mining rents 350MEUR, Petrom and Romgaz as biggest concessionaries

, SEE Energy News

During the last year 350 MEUR of revenues poured in the Romanian state budget, generated on the basis of fees paid from the mining, oil and gas, which is 34 MEUR more than in 2013th. Approximately 80 percent of these fees were provided from hydrocarbons, reports portal, based on the data of the Romanian regulatory agency ANRE.

Petrom is a company that pays the highest fees; its share is 70 percent, or about 192 MEUR, considering that it makes half of the gas and crude oil domestic production. The second-ranked is the company Romgaz (65 MEUR), it is followed by companies primarily occupied with natural gas: Amromco Energy, Energy Stratum Craiova Romania and Wells Drilling.

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