Romania: New TPP in Rovinari with Chinese Huadian group?

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Romania’s Ministry of Energy, state electricity generator power complex Oltenia and the Chinese group China Huadian could sign a contract for the construction of new thermal power plants in the amount of one billion EUR by the end of the year, said the Energy Minister Andrei Gere.

The Chinese group, which would build the power plant in Rovinari, where Oltenia operates, sought certain state guarantees. This is the biggest obstacle in the negotiations, because the state guarantees are not practice in the European Union.

The minister stressed that the guarantees which Chinese seek are related to the minimum selling price for the energy produced in the power plant. The Chinese group seeks these guarantees because it is a requirement of the Chinese government.

“What they are asking for is not possible in Europe, but we will try to find the best possible solution for everyone”, said the minister Gere. , transmits