Romania: Oltenia Energy Power Plants key electricity producer in the country

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Oltenia Energy Complex, coal fired power plants, informed the Romanian public and energy authorities on the importance of this power plants for the national energy system security.

From 1july 2015 coal fired power plants produced electricity which covered 30% of the consumption recorded in Romania.

Power Plants complex CE Oltenia Energy System announced that it was operating with maximum output, provides 95% of energy produced from coal, making an average daily production 50,000 MWh (59,000 MWh even coming to / day), which is an hourly average of 2,100 MW power, with 2,450 MW hourly peak reads the company statement.

By presenting these figures achieved in specific weather conditions during summer months, namely high temperatures and prolonged drought, representatives of CE Oltenia triggered an alarm signal to the authorities in order to support Oltenia announcement that hydro and thermal power plants should not compete, but complement in covering the national energy consumption.

Representatives of Oltenia Energy complex stressed again the importance of coal fired power plants and their role in national energy balance of Romania.

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