Romania: Regional hub for PeWeTe well services launched

, SEE Energy News

Petro Welt Technologies (PeWeTe) officially launched its new base of operations dedicated to the central and southeastern European region – PeWeTe Evo Europe, in Ploiesti, Romania.

PeWeTe Evo Europe will offer the Romanian market over 160 new jobs in the medium term. Delayed due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the official opening marks the launch of regional operations in segments such as drilling of oil and gas wells using mobile installations, interventions in existing wells and remediation of damaged wells, well stimulation and pumping, drilling of geothermal and gas storage wells and mining drilling.

General Manager PeWeTe Evo Europe George Capatina said that Romania will be a service hub for the region, as the company intends to have a long-term business in Romania and wants to provide, over time, the full range of services in the portfolio of PeWeTe group. He specified that Romania was chosen, first of all, because it is part of the European Union. Then, a decisive factor was the long tradition of the local oil and gas industry. PeWeTe Evo Europe will also benefit from the local presence of international companies, without whose support drilling services, drilling interventions and repairs at the level required by the beneficiaries today cannot be performed.

Founded in 1991, the parent company, Petro Welt Technologies, is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and is headquartered in Vienna, Austria.