Romania: RWE Energy aims to become one of the top ten power market actors

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RWE Energy Ltd, a subsidiary launched in Romania by German group RWE intends to gain a significant share of the power market for the distribution of energy in the coming years to join the group first ten energy suppliers in the market, announced Marie-Theres Thiell , managing director of RWE East.

RO RWE subsidiary launched new market approach that, in coming years, will gain a significant market share as a supplier of energy to industrial consumers. With international expertise and innovative solutions to the market, RWE is to make favourable offers to big consumers in the market and this makes our to become one of the top ten suppliers of energy in the country.

RWE has entered the market with a pilot project three years ago through subsidiary Hungary Masz, opening a subsidiary based in Oradea.Three years in Romania have helped the company RWE to analyse the electricity market and to establish a relevant portfolio.

Subsidiary RWE Energy Ltd has over 100 customers in Romania, from office buildings to companies farm, “said Zsoltan Nagy, one of the coordinators of the company’s activity in Romania.

RWE Energy Ltd has received operating license from the Regulatory Authority for Energy in April this year and will start operations in June. In the near future, RWE intends to obtain a license for the supply of natural gas, company officials said.

RWE subsidiary management in Romania will have two leading CEOs, Corina Drumeanu and Zoltan Nagy.Corina Drumeanu responsibility is linked to the activities of local market supply and Zoltan Nagy will coordinate the overall activities of representation within the RWE group. Romanian company RWE Energy Ltd plans to build in the coming years a sales team made up of 30-40 people.

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