Romania, The spot price has halved in the last two months

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The spot price of electricity on the Romanian stock exchange OPCOM fell for the second month in a row. Thus, the October price was halved compared to August, approaching last year’s level.

In October 2022, the average day-ahead closing price of the Romanian stock exchange OPCOM was BGN 1,016 (around EUR 207) per MWh. It represents a drastic drop compared to the level of September (377 euros per MWh), by as much as 45%. It is also the second consecutive month in which the spot price has fallen, after several months of continuous growth, from a record 488 euros per MWh in August 2022.

The price in October 2022 is not much higher compared to October last year, when, according to the OPCOM report, it was 193 euros per MWh.

The electricity spot market in Bucharest is price-linked with markets in Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, as well as Austria, Poland and Germany. In October last year, DAM in Bucharest was connected to the market in Bulgaria through the same mechanism.

The Romanian spot market is very liquid – for example, in September 2022, according to the latest available data, about 1.8 TWh (about 45% of the total electricity consumption in the country) was traded on this market, while the value of transactions reached 690 million euros.