Romania, The upper price limit on the OPCOM futures market is EUR 264 per MWh

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The latest data from the Romanian stock exchange OPCOM show that transactions on the futures market are carried out at prices below the threshold of 1,300 leva (about 264 euros) per MWh, which is the maximum procurement cost recognized by the state to suppliers when compensating the difference between the purchase price and the upper limit at which they can sell electricity to end customers.

Namely, from January 1, 2023, all categories of customers in Romania pay for electricity at the final price (including network tariffs and taxes), which ranges between 134 and 264 euros per MWh. The state pays the suppliers the difference between the real purchase costs and the upper limit of the price, which is therefore set at 264 euros per MWh.

Transactions realized in January on the platform for futures contracts, PCCB-LE Flex, show that the price threshold of 264 euros per MWh has become insurmountable.

Thus, on January 11, Electrocentrala Craiova (the company that manages the Craiova 2 thermal power plant after it was separated from the Oltenia Energy Complex last year), offered for sale electricity, in bundles, with delivery in the period from February 1 to June 30 of this year. at a fixed price of 264 euros per MWh.

However, the auction was unsuccessful because interested buyers, three large suppliers – Enel, E.On and Elektrika Furnizare, offered only between 222 and 232 euros per MWh, so no transaction was concluded.

E.On and Enel also entered the market, with offers to buy electricity at a price of 264 euros per MWh, for delivery between January 16 and March 30. The suppliers were able to contract the electricity, but not with the producer, but with the supplier Energy Distribution Services, which probably succeeded in buying electricity at lower prices in the past. The transactions were concluded at a price of around 262 euros per MWh.

Elcen, a Bucharest-based power and heat producer, tried on January 6 to repeat its success from the end of last year, asking 344 euros per MWh for the offered electricity – a total of close to 300 GWh, for delivery from January 10 to December 31, 2023. however, traders and suppliers were not ready to pay this price.

Also, on January 6, Veolia offered electricity for sale at a price of 264 euros per MWh, with a power of 2 MW, for delivery in February and March. The offered quantities were bought by EDS for 263 euros per MWh.