Romania: Three interested companies so far for HPP Tarnita project

, SEE Energy News

Three major international companies submitted letters of intent to participate in process of selection of the best bidder for construction of new HPP Tarniţa – Lăpuşteşti in Cluj county, worth over one billion euro,

George John Vuscan prefect stated that interested companies can submit letters of intent by the end of October.
The company management of the project Hydro Tarniţa informed that this investment has gone straight and not can be turned out of the way. Deadline is October 31, when there is prequalification stage.

According to him, the timing on the investment requires that by November 14 will be the analysis of documents and display the list of pre-qualified investors, from November 17 to 30 will be held the substantive analysis of documents, between December 2 – January 31, 2015 will be held negotiations with prequalified firms, and between February 16 to 20 will develop specifications for tender.

Vuscan George John said: “Submission of bids by companies will be held within two months of the completion of the tender tasks, so in May 2015 best bidder will be selected.

Investing in hydro Tarniţa – Lăpuşteşti will take between five and seven years and will create 4,000 jobs in the execution phase.
Tarn-Lăpuşteşti hydro power plant be built over five to seven years to 30 kilometers from the city of Cluj-Napoca, Warm Somes river valley.
New HPP is projected to have for four units of 250 MW each.