Romania, Three natural gas suppliers have withdrawn from the Romanian market

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According to Romanian media, three natural gas suppliers have withdrawn from the Romanian market, leaving their customers, around 20,000 of them, to the supplier of last resort.

In late November, National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE) has informed Engie, as a supplier of last resort, that it will take some 10,000 customers of Mehedinti Gaz. The company was removed from the market because it failed to pay balancing costs, a prerequisite for participating in the market.

Soon after, Oligopol and Electric & Gas Power Trade, each with around 5,000 customers, had their licenses revoked, due to the same reason – not paying balancing costs to Transgaz.

Brasov-based Oligopol is controlled by an individual and is also involved in gas distribution at two localities – Brasov and Covasna. Electric & Gas Power Trade is registered in Satu Mare, it is controlled in equal proportions by three individuals, two from Romania and one from Germany. The company is part of the Electricnet group, which also includes small producers of electricity from renewable sources.