Romania: Tinmar energy beats Hidroelectrica with incredible electricity supply prices

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Hidroelectrica cheapest conventional electricity producer in Romania managed to lost recent auctions on power exchange against the rising star of electricity trading in Romania, the Tinmar energy power trader.

The biggest trader of energy from Romania, Tinmar Energy won three power exchange auctions against Hidroelectrica. The sale price offered for electricity was 2 lei lower than Hidroelectrica price, the cheapest conventional energy producer in Romania. The buyer was Arelco Power.

The state company Hidroelectrica participated in three auctions of the current band power on OPCOM PX, and lost all three in the trader’s favor Tinmar Energy.

Hidroelectrica was the initiator of the offer, and Tinmar co-initiator. The trader offered the price lower by 2 lei 163 lei / MWh to 165 lei / MWh, Hidroelectrica, and won Contracts with 6.48 million lei with Arelco Power.

Deliveries will Be made ​​from 1-31.12.2016, hourly amount of 5MW. Hidroelectrica is the cheapest conventional power producer in the country. No other producer can’t theoretically sell cheaper than Hidroelectrica. On the other hand, the trader like Tinmar can buy electricity from markets even cheaper compared with unconventional producers, wind power and photovoltaic.

Average energy price on the stock delivered band is 160-170 lei. Below this level only rarely descends Hidroelectrica, the which has sold 144 lei / MWh, “Wind” or “Photovoltaics”. Fourth tender was also won by Tinmar. Buyers Were Arelco Power and PEC Menarom.

Arelco Power is a company in Bucharest, founded in 2003. According to the Trade Register Robledo Investments Limited is legal associate, and associate individual is Marius Robert Neagoe. Director of the company is Cornelius Daniel Cristian Pop.

Menarom is a manufacturer of metallic products and equipment for shipbuilding. It is also active in energy trading.

Tinmar Energy SA, headquartered in Bucharest, has a share capital of 31.99 million lei, fully paid, having as main activity the sale of electricity. Shareholders have the intension OJ Holding AG, headquartered in Switzerland (holding a Participation share in profits and losses of 65.84%), Victory Executive SRL based in Bucharest (the which holds a stake of 18.8302%) and Mar-Tin Consulting & Management SRL, based in Bucharest (the which holds a stake by 15.3298%).

Administrator form is Mar-Tin Consulting & Management Ltd., a company represented by Augustin-Constantin Oancea, a businessman with a long experience in selling and buying power. Tinmar Energy Became a separate company last year, when they were divided in Tinmar Ind. Next Energy, and newly established Tinmar and Gas, which sells natural Gas. The companies are running annual turnover of over 600 million lei, transmits