Romania: TSO Co Transelectrica troubles with depts from power trading companies

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TSO Transelectrica grid network operating company fee is around 4.71 eur/mwh. Several private power trading companies have big depts to Transelectrica, some have bad bank guaranties and some of them are insolvent.

More than 40 companies, producers and energy traders have debts to the national operator of the electricity transmission network, TSO company Transelectrica. The account of unpaid transport services reached 11.6MEUR.

The total amount of liabilities and related penalties amounted to about 52 million lei, in mid-February, According to Transelectrica. Some of these debts is difficult to recover, considering the fact that deptors are insolvent.

Transelectrica fee is about 21 lei per MWh of electricity ( 4.71 EUR.Mwh)

In total, the amount of dept for transport service is 36.5 million lei and Penalties reach 16 million lei. Of the 36.5 million, half are very difficult to recover, 6.5 million come from companies already bankrupt, and has 12.2 million from companies that are insolvent.

Majority are private owned electricity trading companies ArcelorMittal Galati has to pay a penalty of nearly four million lei. Energy Holding, the oldest electricity trader has to pay about one million lei, while another trader Transenergo Com has paid five million lei. Hunedoara energy complex and nuclear power plant are also on the list.

Transelectrica faced this situation despite the fact that it possess bank guaranties of all trading companies. Bank guaranties are simply to small to cover depts of some companies explained Transelectrica spokesman Lohan Octavian, transmits

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