Romania will cover 10% of electricity consumption in Moldova in January

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In January 2023, Romania will cover about 10% of electricity consumption in Moldova. Of that, 4% will be provided by Nucleaelectrica, and 6% was purchased on the spot market managed by OPCOM.

The operator of the Cernavoda nuclear power plant signed a new contract on the export of electricity with the Moldovan company Energoka, which has the authority to ensure the supply of gas and electricity in the country. It anticipates buying 10 MWh for overnight delivery and 30 MWh for daytime delivery in January. The price, according to data from Energokom, is 450 BGN (91.2 EUR) per MWh.

The Moldovan company claims that in January, 60% of the electricity consumption of the western part of the country, including Chisinau, will be provided by Moldgres (the owner of a power plant in Transnistria that uses Russian gas contracted with Gazprom), and 30% will be produced by combined power plants and renewable sources. An additional 10% will be imported from Romania, including energy to cover the energy deficit during peak hours.

Energokom extended the contract with Moldgres, with the Cuciurgan power plant, at the current price of 73 dollars per MWh, which is about 15 dollars less compared to the contract signed with Nuclear Electric.

The import of 6.4 million cubic meters of gas through Romania is intended to supply Chisinau and the western part of Moldova, which are no longer supplied with gas directly from Gazprom. Russian gas arrives exclusively in Transnistria, for the needs of the Cuciurgan power plant.

As for Romania’s electricity exports, recent legal changes have allowed fossil power producers in Romania to charge more than 450 leva (91.2 euros) per MWh for electricity sold in Moldova. The costs for CO2 allowances are added to this price.