RSrpska: DSO companies decreased losses in transmission, better than regional average

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Distribution losses on the level of mixed holding “Elektroprivreda RS” amounted 15,37% in the last year and they are decreased for 30 GWH with reference to 2011- it was estimated in “Elektroprivreda RS”.

Annual financial effect of loss decrease during 2012 with reference to 2011 amounts around 3,7 million KM- it was stressed in ERS.

-As a result of the many measures’ use during 2012, distributional losses on MH ERS level were decreased from 16,2% to 15,37%- it was said to ERS.

Observed in distributional corporations, the biggest distributional losses are achieved in “Elektrokrajna” where they amount 19,95%.

-The smallest distributional losses are achieved in the Company “Elektro Doboj” where they amounted 8,7%. In “Elektro Bijeljina” region they amounted 10,81%, in “Elektrodistribucija Pale” 12,74% and in “Elektro-Hercegovina” 13,73%- it was announced in “Elektroprivreda”.

They added that several years’ continuity of distributional loss decrease is continued in 2012.

-Distributional losses in 2006 amounted 20,84%, during 2010 16,54% of taken electricity. Trend of meaningful loss decrease is continued this year, too- it was underlined in ERS.

ERS emphasized about distributional losses in regional countries and in BiH that losses in “Elektroprivreda RS” are close to results accomplished in “Elektroprivreda Srbije” and “Elektroprivreda Herceg-Bosne”.

-Distributional losses in Republika Srpska are in comparison with Montenegro and Albania were on lower level while “Hrvatska elektroprivreda” and “Elektroprivreda BiH” achieved better results in this area than “Elektroprivreda RS”- they stressed in ERS.
Director of “Elektrokrajina” Seka Kuzmanovic says that they had 1% lower losses last year than in 2011.

-The action plan for losses’ decrease is being done and we work on it intensively. Prosecution and policy are also included in order to help us reveling and sanctioning unauthorized consumption which is the way it is- Kuzmanovic said.

She underlined that the effects of the action plan use and the common action of prosecution and policy contributed “Elektrokrajna” to have 19% losses in February.

-We do everything possible in order to bring these losses in prescribed measure- Kuzmanoviceva stressed.

Source Serbia Energy SEE desk/ERS