SEE Region, Drop in spot prices on Thursday to 109 to 117 euros per MWh

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Spot electricity prices in Southeast Europe and Hungary for delivery on Thursday, March 16, were reduced by 9 to 18 percent compared to the previous day.

Only in Serbia did the price remain at approximately the same level as on Wednesday. Despite that, the Serbian market was the cheapest in the region on Thursday, just like the previous two days, at 109.42 euros per MWh.

On Wednesday, the spot price in Serbia was about 20 euros lower compared to other markets in the region.

The highest price in Southeast Europe on Thursday was recorded by Greece – 116.76 euros per MWh, despite the drop by 11 percent compared to Wednesday.

Slovenia recorded the biggest drop in the day-ahead price on Thursday, by 18 percent, to 110.47 euros per MWh.

On the Croatian spot market, the price fell by 9 percent in one day, to 111.08.

The Hungarian day-ahead price was 111.95 euros per MWh, which is 12 percent less than on Wednesday.

On the Romanian and Bulgarian markets, the day-ahead price also fell by 11 percent, to 112.08 euros per MWh on Thursday.

Spot prices in SEE and Hungary recorded a high degree of volatility during the first half of this week. For the sake of comparison, they ranged from 81 to 90 euros per MWh on Tuesday.

Poland recorded the highest spot price in Europe on Thursday, with 129.86 euros per MWh, while the lowest price was achieved in the Netherlands – 104.7 euros per MWh.

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