Greece, Average price of electricity 121 euros per MWh in the 10th week

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The Greek wholesale electricity market in March is once again one of the most expensive in Europe.

According to available market data, the Greek wholesale price in March is the third highest, behind France and Switzerland.

The March average in Greece is 141.78 euros per MWh, compared to 150.8 euros per MWh in France and 148.28 euros per MWh in Switzerland.

However, the downward trend in prices continued. Last week, the average price fell to 121.09 euros per MWh.

That is about 20 percent less compared to the average price in the ninth week, with a maximum and minimum price of 220.20 euros per MWh and 40.64 euros per MWh.

The highest average daily price last week was reached on Monday – 142.54 euros per MWh.

In the rest of Europe, prices ranged from 85 to 157 in the 10th week.

The drop in prices in Greece is mainly due to the drop in demand for electricity, which is 4 percent, as well as the high production of renewable units, which increased by 43 percent. This put pressure on prices on the Greek energy exchange.

Domestic demand for electricity in the tenth week remained below 0.9 TWh and amounted to 863 GWh. RES power plants with an average daily production of 51 GWh had a 43 percent share in the energy mix last week.

The total production of electricity from RES reached 358 GWh, which represents an increase of 43 percent on a weekly basis.

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