SEE Region, Spot prices 155 to 164 euros per MWh in the sixth week

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In the period from February 6 to 12, spot prices of electricity in the region ranged on average from 155 euros per MWh in Bulgaria and Romania to 164 euros per MWh in Greece. They rose moderately in all regional markets, except in Greece, where the spot price fell by about 6 percent on average.

The lowest average weekly spot price was achieved in Bulgaria and Romania – 155.4 euros per MWh. It was slightly increased from 151.7 euros per MWh a week earlier.

The spot price in Serbia in the sixth week increased by about 6 percent, to 156 euros per MWh, compared to 147.8 euros per MWh in the previous week.

The price in Croatia increased from 150 euros per MWh in the fifth week to 157.6 euros per MWh in the sixth week.

At the same time, the average weekly spot price in Greece fell for the second week in a row, by about 6 percent, from 174.4 euros per MWh to 163.8 euros per MWh, thanks to the production of renewable energy sources, which covered 33 percent of the total electricity production. in this period, according to the data of the stock exchange operator.

Hungary recorded an increase in the spot price of about 5 percent, from 153.7 euros per MWh in the fifth week to 159.4 euros per MWh.

In Slovenia, the weekly day-ahead price in the fifth week was 158.8 euros per MWh on average, increasing by around 7 percent, from 148.3 euros per MWh a week earlier.

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