SEE:Swiss NEK Umwelttechnik AG starts 240MEUR wind power generation project investments

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Christoph Kapp, Acting Director of the NEK Umwelttechnik AG from Switzerland explained the intention of his company to construct three wind parks for production of around 150 MW of electricity within turbines in Zatric (Orahovac Municipality), Budakovo (Suva Reka Municipality) and Cicavci (Vucitrn Municipality). Kapp claims that project will be realized in three years period and it will cost 210 to 240 million EUR what represents the biggest foreign investment in Kosovo so far.

NEK Umwelttechnik AG from Zurich has begun its business in Kosovo in 2008 with measuring wind power in certain areas. The company has made Wind Atlas which covers the biggest part of Kosovo’s territory where places with biggest wind power are marked. Company decided to construct wind parks in these three locations after this business.

“We will construct wind park in Zatric with 15 turbines i.e. windmills 100m long. Capacity of every individual project is 3.0 MW and the whole wind park will produce 45 MW in total. We have submitted a request for work start in Zatric and we had got temporary license before. We have also submitted a request for connecting a wind park on Kosovo’s electricity network and we are very close to the contract signing with KOSTT (Operative System of Market and Distribution Network). We believe that we will get all necessary licenses in following months so we can begin works in Zatric”, Kapp claims.

The second project that will be realized in the one in Budakovo and it predicts settlement of 16 windmills with total capacity of 48 MW. Construction of wind park will begin in 2015 while third park, the one in Cicavica predicts settlement of 17 windmills with total capacity of 51 MW. This project will be realized in 2015/2016.

Kapp confirms that all rights of wind park in Zatric are registered in the name of Company “Upwind International I GmbH”, Pjaffikon from Switzerland, wind park in Budakovo in the name of “Upwind International II GmbH”, Pfaffikon from Switzerland and wind park in Cicevica in the name of “Upwind International III GmbH”, Pjaffikon from Switzerland.

Kapp believes that Kosovo has issues in electricity supply and additional problem is that 98% of energy is being produced in lignite TPPs Kosova A and Kosovo B and that land needs clean energy from renewable energy sources that does not pollute environment.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk/KS gov

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